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Welcome to the Island Records research area for Discogs. If you have information about the Island Records label or its affiliated brands and companies (4th & Broadway, Mango, Antilles, Tuff Gong, etc.), then put what you know here, and hopefully we can sort out the true history of this label and improve the way it is handled in Discogs.

Island information

Information collected so far includes the following:

Perhaps of particular interest to Discogs users are the following:

It should also be helpful to review the definition of a record label.

Other information sources

Here are some useful, external sources of info on Island:

People who might be able to give us more info: > Neil Storey ( edited the following< You've listed Rob at Coalition... sadly, Rob died during December 2008...

  • Rob Partridge former Music Week, Record Mirror and Melody Maker staff-writer was appointed head of press during 1975 and later became a Director of the company until CB sold Island. During the latter years, Rob was also a Director of and ran the company's in-house jazz label, Antilles (signing Courtney Pine among others).

Partridge & Storey (later to become Coalition) was founded the day Margaret Thatcher resigned. Our first staff-member was Gaylene Martin (who'd worked with RP at Antilles) and we began with three clients - none of whom did interviews (that seemed a good blue-print for a pr company). Ultimately, the company's roster grew and evolved in Coalition a couple of years later when David May (as a 3rd Director) joined. Neil Storey left in 1996/7 and DM not long after. Coalition grew into one of the most important multi-media companies and nowadays incorporates both be-spoke PR and a highly succesful Management division (run by Tim Vigon).