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The Roller Derby research wiki consists of all articles whose titles begin with "Roller Derby research". It is a collaborative space for invited researchers to temporarily store and organize historical information about the sport of roller derby.

The wiki is password protected to prevent the general public from seeing any materials under copyright. The Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license does not apply to material in this section of the site.

To Do

Wikipedia Roller Derby History Article

  • Finish figuring out which citations to use for initial roller derby origins, including old speed races, marathons, and 1885 six-day marathon
  • Find citation for bus accident
  • Double-check and properly format all citations
  • Determine which citations are still needed; find and format
  • Request outstanding citations
  • Figure out chronology/overlap/sections
  • Edit for tone and consistency
  • Extract relevant material from Five Strides on the Banked Track: see Five Strides TODO

Roller Derby History - Historical Sources

  • Coordinate and complete roller derby newspaper article downloads
  • Roller derby bibliography
    • Decide on citation format and coordinate efforts (online databases, microfilm searches, local libraries, ILL, etc.)
    • Track down, copy and scan known roller derby articles
    • List of celebrity involvement in roller derby
    • Eventual complete index of roller derby players and associated personalities
    • Roller derby timeline: Roller Derby research/Chronology
      • Synchronize with bibliography